Horse Playing Cards
Singers Glen, VA 22850
United States

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Equine Premium Playing Cards
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Horse Oversized Premium Collector Playing Card Deck 4”x6”,
Shrink Wrapped or original artist's signature (upon request),
Deck includes 52 playing cards and 2 jokers,
Premium Quality,
Superior Handling,
Incredible Durability Made in the USA, right here in Singers Glen, VA
Tuckbox, housing the cards, is a work of art in itself — beautifully designed and lavishly adorned Individually,
Highly collectable,
Uniquely designed,
Created for the card collector, art lover and horse enthusiast alike,
Durable 350gsm,
Premium-Coated Card Stock,
Showcases rich and complex original artwork inspired by the love of horses, drawing and painting.
Whimsical suite icons pay tribute the horse while being fully playable,
Each number card houses horse illustrations equaling the numerical value of the card — close ups studies, horses at rest and play.
Original artwork is available for purchase at equusc dot com
Each face card and joker houses a unique and beautiful, full-color watercolor illustration worthy of framing.
The intricate back design features an MC Escher inspired complexity of horses.
Note the variety that seems like consistency at first glance.
Professionally printed ensuring the quality and craftsmanship that card, art, and horse enthusiast collectors have come to expect,
Contact information provided in the bottom of the tuckbox for those interested in purchasing the original artwork used to create this limited edition print run, equusc dot com
Designed and illustrated by graphic designer/illustrator/stable owner Trudy L. Cole.
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