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ID# 004407

Sonic Super Star “Limi”
elkland, MO 65644
United States

Horse Name
Sonic Super Star “Limi”
May Trade
Missouri Fox Trotter
Year Foaled
14.2 Hands
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Sonic Super Star (aka Limi/Little mare) is a 7-year-old, 14″2 hands, Dark Sorrel, registered Missouri Fox Trotter Mare.

Our little Super Star was born and raised on our family farm. She has a mild to moderate disposition and is, above all, cute and cuddly.

All in all, I can say I am very proud to have had her on our farm for so long and to be able to train her. She is unique and totally loving.

She may be small, but she will climb the tallest mountain tops with you and walk through fire with you with a heart of gold.

Color: Amazingly beautiful, dark Sorrel with a long mane and tail and super cute Star on her forehead.

CONFIRMATION – Spot on for the confirmation standards of the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association. (See video and images)

GAIT – Wonderful head-nodding, smooth as silk: Flat foot Walk, Running Walk, Trail Walk, Fox Trot, and a very elegant Canter. (See video)

TEMPERAMENT-Fantastically calm, friendly, people-loving, and easy-going, “Limi” has an excellent personality and will go anywhere; just point her in the right direction. Every morning with her is a wonderful start to the day. You wake up and go to the pasture, and she comes running straight to you with her enchanting face and her calming eyes.

EXPERIENCE- “Limi” performs easily in an
arena that is suitable for almost any rider, is an easy-going, fun trail horse in nearly every possible environment, and is an equine companion with body control.
She has never been in the show ring, but she is talented enough to show in performance or versatility.
She is easy to catch, stands still to saddle and bridle, and easily loads and unloads from a trailer. She has been desensitized to traffic, loud noises, cows, whips, dogs, tractors, obstacles, and more.

Training: Expertly trained by me, Shawn Sublett, to become a fun-loving, easy-going horse. I am a well-known Missouri Fox Trotting Horse trainer for showing, trail riding, and equine companions. My training methods include natural horsemanship training, training to develop the correct and natural gaits for each horse, and sensitivity training for each horse for almost every environment the horse will see in their lifetime. I also use Spanish horse training methods that go back hundreds of years and are still used today to train Spanish performance horses worldwide. “Limi” is a superb example of these training methods and natural ability.

SUITABILITY FOR RIDERS – “Limi” also shines beautifully in this category. I have trained her to be a calm and fun personal riding horse for any level of rider. I have owned many foxtrotting horses in my life. As a result, “Limi” is suitable for even a beginner willing to take some lessons on communicating with a well-trained horse using hands, legs, and seat; she will give you confidence. For an experienced horse person, “Limi”‘ will provide the best first ride they have ever experienced and should remain their riding horse for the rest of their life.

Please call anytime if you want more information or to make an appointment to test “Limi” out for yourself….I am positive you will enjoy her just as much as I do!
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