Sorrel Roan Geldings from Golden, Colorado | Trail, Trick, Roping & More!

ID# 004275

Rare Colombian Whiskey
Golden, CO 80403
United States

Horse Name
Rare Colombian Whiskey
May Trade
Draft & Draft Crosses
Year Foaled
14.0 Hands
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Whiskey is a very rare breed and extremely broke. DNA was tested to verify the rare Galiceno and Garrano breeds that make up this unique, precious trick horse! He is the most versatile horse you will ever come across. Very well rounded with the most amazing brains packed into this 14-hand athletic beast!
Whiskey is extremely broke and has more buttons than your phone.
He will lay down on command, sit, play fetch, stay, and come when called.
He would excel at any direction you point him in, is super willing, extremely athletic, and loves to please you!
Send him down any trail in town or the mountains; he can handle chaos or terrain. Super sure-footed, smooth, and will navigate through children in town or rocky slopes in the mountains. He crosses ditch, water, bridges, jumps logs, and you can even shoot guns off of him! There is nothing too loud, chaotic, or busy for this guy.
Ride Whiskey Western, english, bareback, bridleless, or you can even drive him!
Western can chase cows, rope off of him, is extremely good at cutting, works the cutting flag (or a small child running!), sliding stops, rollbacks, flying lead changes, side passes, and collects up nicely. He would love the Junior or High School Rodeo scene. It’s so easy to jump off to calf tie or goat tie!
English, he loves to jump, cross poles, side passes, half halts, nice lead changes (simple or flying), and loves to extend his trot! He has the most amazing little jog, so there is a huge difference between his extended trot and his jog.
Trail is an overachiever; he has been ridden in town and all over the mountains. He will eat up any trail course, going over the bridges, through water obstacles and tarps, picking up tarps or flags, blowing car wash man, teeter totter, jumping up on huge tires, and through any obstacle course.
Whiskey would also make a great hunting or mounted shooting horse. He previously was used for bird hunts; gunfire doesn’t bother him.
This young, talented guy can take you in all directions, from a great family trail horse to a high school rodeo, to the local gymkhana’s, to team penning, or cow horse versatility.

Want to know more about Whiskey’s rare breeding? His DNA form is attached under the registration paper.
The Galiceno Horse
Galiceño horses have a storied history in America. On his second voyage to the “New World,” Christopher Columbus brought horses and established breeding herds on Hispaniola. Hernan Cortes followed in 1500, bringing horses from the Galician province of Northern Spain to Cuba and establishing a breeding herd. Nineteen years later, when he invaded the mainland of Mexico, he brought along some of these horses, which significantly impressed the natives and resulted in their belief that the Spaniards were “gods.” Galiceños are very closely related to the Iberian Garrano. Therefore, Galiceños are the earliest “Spanish Colonial Horse” in the Americas and are considered very pure, showing little genetic exchange with other breeds because of their isolation. Galiceños has declined to critically low numbers, with less than 200 still in existence. They are intelligent and exceptionally gentle horses that have a desire to please. They also have a very strong herding dynamic.
The Garrano Horse
This breed is so ancient that Northern Iberian Paleolithic cave paintings depict horses with a striking resemblance! A reasonably large population of horses settled on the Iberian Peninsula, which is believed to be the ancestors of the Garrano. The breed has lived wild and semi-wild on the Iberian Peninsula ever since. Even today, wild populations exist in Portugal. During World War II, they also carried ore from the remotest mines in the northern Portuguese mountains. There are even references to the Garrano in various ancient legends describing the foundation of a nation. The Garrano is strong enough to do farm work, including plowing, and agile enough to transport people and goods along the steep mountain roads
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